Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cheap Entertainment!

There was nothing better to do on Thursday night but try on a wig;) Mj found it in my moms costume stuff and we had a ton of fun taking pics and seeing who looked best! I would have to say Maddie is my favorite!!! Graci and Nate are close for second!

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Aunt Tiff said...


Boston, Kati, Katelyn, and Canon said...

graci looks like a baby doll. Never a dull moment at the Slade house!

jeaniebug said...

haha I love the wig on the dog!
I was just looking back on comments on my blog and I don't know if I ever responded to yours. Our dog is a bull mastiff. Justin's family breeds them so we got him!
and I definitely want to come see you! I don't even know the last time I saw you....EFY?
So crazy that there are littles in your family that I don't even recognize. and your baby is adorable!!