Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cheap Entertainment!

There was nothing better to do on Thursday night but try on a wig;) Mj found it in my moms costume stuff and we had a ton of fun taking pics and seeing who looked best! I would have to say Maddie is my favorite!!! Graci and Nate are close for second!

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This has been my MARCH MADNESS!

Look at those pearly whites! haha

She is gonna be a tease! Tyton was totally sleeping and she was pestering him and thought it was so funny!

"Do these glasses make me look smarter?"

This is her new favorite thing to do! Climb on top of everything really, but her favorite is the shoe rack!

"I'm too cute to punish!" Seriously though, how do i get mad at that face?!?!

She LOVES playing with her daddy! He made her a fort in the family room and they played in it forever!

High 5 Dad!

Gracilyn and Taelee

I had to take pictures of these little girls with their hats on!
"What did we do?"
(don't they look guilty)

They kept taking the ends and rubbing them on each others face! It was so funny!

They're gonna be best buds! So fun watching them play/fight together:)

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Despicable ME!!!

When i put this outfit on Gracilyn i could help but think that she looked like the middle sister, Edith, on Despicable Me... So i had to take and post pics!

"Its so fluffy, im gonna DIE!"
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Much needed Mallory Family time!

Gracilyn and Boone, her very 1st first cousin! She pestered him the whole time! I bet the next time they're together he will be able to fight back!

They're gonna be best buds!

~Grandmamma and Gracilyn~

By the end of our trip Gracilyn was attached to her Grandaddy! The second Sunday we were there she spotted him on the stand (he is in the Bishopric) and started reaching for him and whining when we wouldn't let her go get him. Then during Sunday school (yes we ditched) she was following him around... I think she melted his heart because he pretty much gave her whatever she wanted:) I thought this picture was too sweet not to post!

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Quack Quack

Nicholas was so excited to go hunting in Idaho... He went duck hunting with a friend and his brother the day before New Years Eve, and then he fried it all up with a pheasant his brother shot earlier for our New Years Eve dinner... I actually tried it and i must say the pheasant was WAY better than the duck in my opinion... Gracilyn didn't know what to think when he showed her the dead ducks and i love these pictures that show her reaction... i think she is more upset that dad is holding the ducks and not her... i just wont accept that we may have a animal rights activist as a daughter!!! haha

Proud hunters!

YES, Real ducks were harmed in the making of our dinner!
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We were so excited to be able to go to Idaho for Christmas! We left Dec 23rd and didn't come back till Jan 2nd!!! We had so much fun with the fam! These are pics of Christmas day, it was so much fun! It started out with a BIG surprise... my mom told me that J.T. prolly wouldn't be able to call me so i wasn't planning on hearing from him... then as i was getting ready for church my phone rang and it was ELDER SLADE:) we only talked for a little bit cause he was headed to church too, but he got to call back and we talked longer! Man i miss that kid and can't wait till he comes home! Anywho, we went to church and it was short and sweet... Dad Mallory spoke and did an awesome job! It was way neat to get to hear him speak... We then went home and busted open all the presents! I feel super blessed to have married into such a kind, giving, amazing family!

Gracilyn and her shopping cart Santa got her:)

Nicholas so happy to be "HOME"

Gracilyn and I opening her presents! She was so fun this year and was SPOILED ROTTEN!

Dad Mallory & Stacey Mama

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